Concrete help for the future

This specific help is only possible through financial support from members and donations.

Cargo Human Care consciously acts as a small, informal organisation with manageable projects that offer concrete but also sustainable help locally.
All doctors and the coordinating employees in Germany work on a voluntary basis. Lufthansa Cargo supports CHC to a great extent organizationally, financially and logistically.
Although the projects are enthusiastically supported by volunteers, financial means are still required in order to reach set targets. A “Medical Officer” and the nurses working in the the Cargo Human Care Medical Centre, are financed by CHC. Medical supplies and medication for distribution by the affiliated pharmacy need to be procured. Treatment and operation costs in the local hospital to which our patients are transferred in urgent cases, are covered by CHC.

We plan our aid activities always with the local infrastructure and exsiting local organisations in mind. Thus, we only take goods donations for local distribution in limited quantities, since medical examination equipment and medical supplies are preferred. Wherever possible, we consciously include existing local economic and organisational structures in our work. In this way, we ensure that our projects are sustainable and that jobs are created or secured locally.

Donations and in particular the regular support from our members enable us to plan well and secure the continuing implementation of projects. We are careful with the money entrusted to us and attach great importance to voluntary actions and limiting administration costs to an absolute minimum.

Help and support us with a donation.
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If you like to previously inform yourself again briefly, compact and directly about our activities, please read or printout our

Our account details:
Account owner: Cargo Human Care e.V.
Account DE40508525530016060600 at KSK Groß Gerau,
Account DE57510900000049404000 at Volksbank Wiesbaden,

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For donations of up to 200 EUR, a bank slip or booking confirmation from a bank is accepted as a tax receipt. An accompanying information sheet giving an overview of the tax details of the association is available on this site – just click on the link.
For donations exceeding 200 EUR, a donation confirmation is issued by CHC. Please include your address on the money transfer or send it to the Treasurer by Email to our member of the board Sieglinde Reinhard.