John Kaheni Residence

Our Objective:

In the sense of sustainable help for young people of the Mothers‘ Mercy Home (MMH) Cargo Human Care does  everything, in order to pave you a good perspective and the best possible Start in an independent and self-responsible life. The Kenyan labour market offers substantial opportunities to secure a Livelihood, but he is highly competitive, and without strong personal skills and a solid professional training, the chances are, unfortunately, bad. Often the only opportunity to stay working without a permanent contract, Social or health insurance.

The John Kaheni Residence

A temporary housing for our graduates after leaving the MMH is only one function of JKR.
In particular, the above described activities will be bundled and carried out starting in 2016 in the John Kaheni Residence. The focus of the development measures is in the „personal growth, skills & competencies“. In addition to local, Kenyan experts CHC has agreed to cooperate with QX-Quarterly Crossing. QX-Quarterly Crossing is a globally unique network of excellence of young and experienced leadership talents for mutual promotion of professional and personal achievement. Members and volunteers from over 2000 handpicked personalities from students to board will start from April 2016 to perform workshops, coaching and training several times a year for our for young people.
The plan is, that in the future and in addition, ambitious young people from the local environment of the JKR (who have not grown up in the MMH) can participate in such trainings and workshops.

Further improvement of the perspective for the future by JKR

The CHC’s commitment is extended with the commissioning of the JKR. In addition to the basic and medical care, as well as the Education and training CHC is now increasingly focused on measures that will enable young people to lead independent and self-determined life and the successful Integration into the Kenyan society. Promotion, monitoring and material Support are the programmatic pillars.
To be able to cope with the additional tasks, the Team in Kenya will be enlarged with 2 additional full-time social workers and the group of volunteers in the CHC team.