Cargo Human Care Medical Centre

The Cargo Human Care Medical Centre was opened in February 2009 and is connected to the building of the Mothers‘ Mercy Home orphanage.
It is used for medical care for the MMH-children as well as for the residents in the area, who live there without medical care.
Currently, about 2,000 patients per month are treated. The Centre is continuously staffed with medically trained, local personnel, which ensures the continuous supply of patients.
German doctors from the various departments regularly treat locally present acute diseases. The specialists work for free for those who cannot afford such medical help. A medical team consisting of two doctors with different areas of specialization work several times a month for 3-4 days in the Cargo Human Care Medical Centre.

The articles shown below are available in german language only, but it is possible to get an impression about the doctors work once you see the pictures. The reports are about the opening ceremony and how it looks there today.